Heat at Lasnamäe Centrumis!



For every at least 35 eur purchase, you will get a 5 eur LASNAMÄE CENTRUM’S gift card. Gift cards will be shared only when you will show the purchase receipt (exc. RIMI receipts).


  1. The campaign is organised by LASNAMÄE CENTRUM OÜ, registration code 14619890.
  2. The campaign runs from 25/11/2019 until 8/12/2019.
  3. In order to participate in the campaign the customers have to spend at least €35 at any of the shops, cafés and restaurants, entertainment facilities or service points of Lasnamäe Centrum, excl. Rimi Hyper.
  4. By presenting the receipt of purchase throughout the campaign every day from 10 a.m until 8 p.m. at the Rimi end of the centre, the customers will immediately receive a €5 Lasnamäe Centrum gift card.
  5. Only one gift card can be received per each receipt of purchase.
  6. The €5 gift cards can be used until 31/1/2020 at any of the shops, cafés and restaurants,  and service points of Lasnamäe Centrum.
  7. Employees of Lasnamäe Centrum and their family members cannot participate in the campaign.