Lasnamäe Centrum today celebrates its 15th birthday


Lasnamäe Centrum today celebrates its 15th birthday following many successful trading years in the district of Lasnamäe.

The 15 million euro scheme opened in October 2003 and transformed Lasnamäe as there was no other convenient full-service retail in the area catering to the needs of the 250,000 people living in the surrounding area. Lasnamäe Centrum has welcomed over 60 million customers in the past fifteen years and has played a vital role in the region’s economic and retail landscape.

On opening, Lasnamäe Centrum brought 60 retailers to Lasnamäe and over the past fifteen years, the centre has continued to attract high quality retailers such as Sportland, Apollo bookstore, Denim Dream, Monton, Goldtime and Mustang as well as maintaining many of the original brands who have been trading successfully there for 15 years such as Rimi, Jysk, Euronics, Swedbank, Hesburger, Baltman and many more. Testament to the attractiveness of Lasnamae centrum to retailers, Capfield are pleased to announce they have recently signed FLYING TIGER, the popular global brand selling well designed gifts, gadgets, party products and toys. FLYING TIGER will be opening their store in Lasnamäe Centrum in November and is one of many exciting international brands coming to the Centre.

Voted the most popular and visited shopping centre for people living in Lasnamäe or Rae Vald district , Lasnamäe Centrum enjoys an average footflow of 4.2 million people annually. It also has an extremely loyal customer base with up to 25% of customers visiting bi weekly and up to 80% returning monthly. The turnover at the centre has grown on average by 3,5% per year and the centre is a major employer in the city, supporting over 300 jobs.

“When Lasnamäe Centrum opened its doors, there was no other retail in the area catering to the large population living there. Today, Lasnamäe Centrum is at the heart of what has now become the Lasnamäe retail area comprising over 100,000m2 including Bauhaus and newly enlarged Prisma. The popularity of this family focused centre is unrivalled in the district and will continue to grow as we look at new ways to improve the centre.” Ruben Gornischeff, Board Member, Capfield.

Capfield has invested up to 500,000 euros over the past three years on visual changes to Lasnamäe centrum such as modernising the façade and improving the interior. “We are continuously looking at how to improve our centre to keep up with the changing face of retail as well as cater to the demand from retailers to open a store at Lasnamäe Centrum. Our goal continues to be to bring the best shopping experience to our customers.” Kadri-Ann Tivas, Centre Manager, Capfield