Lasnamäe Street Food Festival 2022


Lasnamäe Centrum’s first street food festival invites you to discover its exciting flavours.

The Lasnamäe Street Food Festival, which takes place this weekend at Lasnamäe Centrum, is open for everyone. With over 10 food trucks and a rich menu ranging from delicious waffles to authentic Caucasian shashlik, this will be a one of a kind unique event.

“We have travelled almost all over Estonia with new and modern street flavours and now is the time to come and show what is happening in Lasnamäe. Lasnamäe’s first street food festival offers a dining experience for the whole family. Some of the best cuisine from around the world will be bringing their fantastic food to the Lasnamae Food Festival. With unforgettable tastes, great ambience and a unique environment, this will be a nice time to spend with the family” said Tiina Kõresoo, Event Organiser, ByTiina.

In addition to the rich taste experiences, the festival also offers plenty of leisure activities. For example, several well-known artists will perform at the festival, there will be workshops and a nice relaxing area will be open for those who just want to ease up and relax. “Lasnaidee” is also organizing a pop-up LEGO tournament within the festival, where teams of 2-6 members can participate, testing their speed, creativity, and teamwork. There are prizes available for the best participants.

“Lasnamäe Centrum is a focal point for the local community and offers not only shopping opportunities but also a place where people can meet, have good experiences and a good time. Lasnamäe’s first street food festival provides an opportunity to enjoy spring with delightful entertainment and exciting food experiences, ” Teana Baškirtseva, Centre Manager, Capfield.

The Lasnamäe Street Food Festival will take place on May 21-22 in the Lasnamäe Centrum parking lot. The festival is organized by ByTiina and Lasnamäe Centrum with free admission for everyone.

Lasnamäe street food festival in Lasnamäe Centrum is waiting for you! Free entrance! Join us!